Charitable Foundation “Greening of Ukraine” will take part in the 5th International Forum “Business Woman 2021”

Charitable Foundation “Greening of Ukraine” will take part in the 5th International Forum “Business Woman 2021”

The international forum “Business Woman 2021” will take place on June 4, 2021. This is an annual event that will be held for the fifth time this year.

The global eco-initiative “Greening the Planet” will be introduced during the forum.

The Business Woman 2021 forum will be held with the support from the International Women’s Business Club. The organizer of “Business Woman 2021” is an international glossy magazine “BusinessWoman”.

Event topic: A woman can do anything!

Section №1: “The role of women in diplomacy and politics.”

Section №2: “Successful business, run by women. Social responsibility “.

In the framework of the forum, women will be awarded the rank “Woman 2020” in the following categories:

Business and economics

Politics and international diplomacy

Ecology. Global challenges

Information area


Women who successfully run their own businesses and share their experience 

Women who form a positive international image of Ukraine 

Women who Restore the Earth’s ecosystem

Women who successfully interact with the media

Women who have a great credit of trust and sterling reputation

“Business Woman 2021” will feature the speeches of ministers, ambassadors, leading experts, and top women who are not influenced by geopolitical processes. The key topic “A woman can do anything” will be subdivided into sections on current topics and collaborative idea generation of ideas on current issues. We will bring together experts from various fields of activity to form a new paradigm of life facing numerous changes like change in people’s awareness in recent years and changes in the Earth’s ecosystem, finding compromises in political and diplomatic negotiations.

The organizer of the event, Hanna Krysiuk, has stated the following:

The forum will bring together participants from more than 50 countries, regardless of their place of residence and field of activity, because the topics of this event concern everyone today. The forum will be held offline and online.

The speakers of the Forum will be successful women from more than 20 countries, including representatives of diplomatic structures, politicians, presidents of business clubs and enterprises, the media, business owners, leaders of political parties, leaders international foundations and organizations in Ukraine and worldwide.

In order to participate, you have to complete the pre-registration and receive an invitation letter from the organizing committee!