Cherkasy region: about 68.000 trees have been planted in one day

Cherkasy region: about 68.000 trees have been planted in one day

On April 10, the sun high in the sky and the weather of Cherkasy region was favorable for the implementation of the Greening of the planet’s iniviative “1 million trees in 1 day in 100 countries.” All participants were in high spirits, and we did the planting in one breath.

“Trees give us oxygen, protect us in circumstances of bad weather, serve as a shelter from the summer heat. They have witnessed glorious feats and defeats that connect the past with the present and the future. Sometimes it seems like they want to talk to us and to protect us, but we don’t understand their language anymore. Nature is our home that needs to be taken care of, protected, cleaned and decorated. Just as an artist paints his masterpieces in oil on canvas, so we can paint our planet with bright colors, create a piece of paradise on Earth,” said Natalia Shcherbinina, co-organizer of the event in Cherkasy region.

“Trees are the continuation of life, energy, a legacy for our descendants. Without trees, our planet will be dreadful and deserted. So let’s plant trees and take care of them,” noted Valeria Bondarenko, the wife of the mayor of Cherkasy.

As for “Parks Directorate” utility company, planting new trees is a common, nevertheless, important thing. No matter how – as part of promotions, projects or daily work – we always try to restore the greenery.

Planting a tree is a small but significant step towards eco-consciousness, culture and human development. For us, as a company that protects, creates and develops green spaces within the city, it is a pleasure to unite people for this purpose!

Trees are the lungs of our planet, they produce oxygen, neutralize harmful emissions, conserve water resources, influence the formation of the planet’s climate, maintain soil fertility and protect it from erosion.

Therefore, it is our duty and a necessity to replenishing the of greener, ”said Andrii Kucha, project partner and a director of the “Parks Directorate”.

“As for me, planting trees means communicating with the source of life, to which we humans owe a lot. It is necessary to compensate the Earth for the harm, caused by our previous generations took away, which is almost catastrophic. It is very pleasant to plant trees, but what is more amazing, is seeing the gardens and the forests grows along with the planted trees,” said the project partner, Mykhailo Shcherbinin, the owner of the “Ukraina” Hotel in Cherkasy.

Trees and saplings were planted in 326 locations of Cherkasy region: 285 locations, where the residents of multistory building  have are planted sakura trees individually on adjacent territories. At the same time, the planting took place on the territory of 12 forestries: Dakhnivske, Katerynopilske, Khlypnivske, Kozachanske , Sofiyivske, Yasnozirske, Steblivske, Smilyanske, Synytske, Chyhyrynske. Trees were planted on the territories of schools, hospitals, and higher educational institutions in Cherkasy. The plantings were also located in parks, such as: “Sportivnyi”, “Sosnovyi Bir”, “Peremogy”, sanatorium “Ruska Polyana”. The city council’s ecology department has created several alleys in Cherkasy, including the Walk of Fame in honor of soldiers, who died in service in the ATO zone, which consists of 20 red 8-year-old maples and 1 twelve-year-old plane tree. A total of 1,071 people took part in the action at various locations.

Planted species: oak, red oak, black walnut tree, European larch, Scots pine, sycamore, maple, sakura, liquidombar, paradise apple, cherry, linden, birch, thuja, boxwood, catalpa, winged barberry.

Partners: LLC “Management Company” New Quality “, Hotel” Ukraine “, Cherkasy, “Chisto Che” organization, “Parks Directorate” company, “Cherkasy State Business College”, Cherkasy National University pf Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy Technological University ”, “Rotary Club Cherkasy International ”, “Sloboda Studio Ukraine ” IT company,“ Rotary Club Cherkasy-Center ”,“ Cherkasy City Council ”, “Rotary Club Cherkasy” organization, Cherkasy Higher Professional school of construction technologies “.

The organizer of the project “Greening of the Planet” is the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Greening of Ukraine”, founded by Serhii Haidaichuk – President of the largest business club, which brings together Ukrainian business leaders “CEO Club Ukraine” and Hanna Krysiuk – President of the International Women’s Business Club “Business Woman Club”. With the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine.