About us


On April 10, 2021, the organizers, partners, co-organizers and participants will implement an initiative in the framework of which 1 000 000 people will plant 5-10-year-old trees per day in 100 countries, and also conduct numerous activities that will contribute towards the formation and consolidation of ecological values within the foundation of society.

About the initiators

Serhii Haidaichuk

President of the “CEO Club Ukraine”, the co-founder of Young Business Club, Founder of the “Greening of Ukraine” foundation.

Hanna Krysiuk

President of the Business Woman Club, owner of the international glossy magazine «Business Woman», General Director of the Book of Records of Ukraine, Chairman of the “Greening of Ukraine” Foundation.

The scope of the project is:

To draw attention to the issues of the global warming and the restoration of the planet’s ecosystem. To form a positive international image of Ukraine through the joint history of success and unification of people around the world.


Our task is to plant 1 million trees in 1 day in 100 countries, to conduct a nationwide and international tree planting awareness-raising campaign and promote the greening of the planet.

We want to encourage the greening of parks and alleys throughout the year, to create an ecologically conscious society by consolidating business, government, the civil society and the media around conservation and environmental issues and to make a joint story of people’s unification around the world to save the planet from global warming.

Our mission is:

To plant 100 million trees all over the planet for three years;

To raise the ecological consciousness of people around the world and make them respect nature.