Presentation about the project on English

Presentation about the project on English

Greening of the planet is an international ecological project aimed at conducting a large-scale tree planting, raising the environmental awareness of people and drawing attention to the biggest problem of the century – global climate change.

The initiative commenced in Ukraine in 2020. In the framework of the project, almost 2 million trees were planted in one day, having 50,000 Ukrainians involved. That day, 10 countries joined the project as a sign of solidarity. In April 2021, 138 countries joined the Greening of the Planet project and more than 10 million trees were planted. We also have an event of planting trees in honor of the liquidators of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

We have planted several alleys, dedicated to: world peace, diplomats, freedom of speech and engaged famous stars of Ukrainian show business We conducted a competition of children’s drawings on the subject of environmental protection in order to form a positive attitude of youth towards the nature.

Greening of the planet is our eco-history that unites people regardless of age, gender, nationality or any other affiliation for a single goal: restoration of the Earth’s ecosystem Register on our website and become a participant of the project Only together we can do more!

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