Greening of the Planet: 5.5 million trees have been planted in one day

Greening of the Planet: 5.5 million trees have been planted in one day

On the World Earth Day, On April 22,  the organizers of the global environmental project “Greening of the Planet” announced the results of the “1 million trees in 1 day in 100 countries” event. The action took place on April 10.

So, the results are now announced. The number of participating countries is: 110. The total number of participants is: 2,145,493. Including 559,044 participants from Ukraine and 1,586,449 participants from around the world. The total number of planted trees is: 5,544,679. Including 4,124,590 that were planted in Ukraine and 1,420,089 –around the world. The number of planted tree species is: 184.

These results are now recorded in the Book of Records of Ukraine as a global achievement – the most large-scale tree planting in one day in 110 countries. Category: “Mass events. For the first time”.

The initiator of the action “Greening of the Planet”, the president of the international women’s business club “Business Woman Club” Hanna Krysiuk additionally said that in besides setting the world record, the whole world and our country had been engaged into planting trees in recent months:

“The fact that we have managed to plant more than 5 million trees in 110 countries in the framework of our campaign shows that the topic of ecology is so significant that people are ready to support such initiatives and promote them worldwide.”

Leading countries that brought together the largest number of participants and organized the largest number of planted trees are: Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Belarus, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Indonesia, Tunisia, Montenegro, Kuwait, Singapore.

The leaders in planting 5-year-old trees in Ukraine were the following regions: Vinnytsia – 80,193; Rivne – 32,831; Chernihiv – 12,480; Sumy – 8,956; Zhytomyr – 8,674.

The largest indicator that clearly shows the results of the planting in Ukraine is the cooperation with the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine. With the support from the regional co-organizers of the initiative, volunteers and employees of the State Forest Agency, 3,181,880 saplings were planted.

A total of 138 countries have joined the Greening of the Planet project in April. More than 10 million trees have been planted ever since. The number of registered participants is about 5 million.

During the debriefing, the organizers commended the co-organizers and partners for their assistance in the implementation of the project and sent their regards to the world co-organizer via online-conference. 

In return, the organizer of the initiative and the president of the largest business club of Ukraine “CEO Club Ukraine” Serhii Haidaichuk addressed the business partners who supported the initiative: “Uniting such a large number of people around the ecology of business issue clearly shows us that we are changing our minds and that we consider it as a great social responsibility for the global business.”

We would like to remind you that several events with participation of the heads of the state, diplomats, stars, politicians, public figures, bloggers who have interest in ecosystem took place in Kyiv over the past month. The goal of these events was to draw attention of the public, to attract as many people as possible.

Additional information:

The environmental action was initiated by the Greening of Ukraine Charitable Foundation with the support from the Ministry of Environment, the State Forestry Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The goal of “Greening of the Planet” is to conduct a large-scale restoration of the planet and to draw attention to the biggest issue of the century – global climate change. As well as to reunite the global public.

National partners: «CEO Club Ukraine» Business Club, «Pomogator» Charitable Foundation, «Ugears» Company, «Business Woman Club» Closed Women’s Business Club, «Beton Energo» Company and a national project «Book of Records of Ukraine».

Partners: «Ukraine-China Communication», «ARENA CS», «VECTOR-VS», «Unique Trade» Co., «Energy 365», «FinStream», «EVA LAB», «MOZGI GROUP», «BusinessWoman» magazine, «Ukrainians in the world» global organization.