Greening of the Planet: Almost the whole Zakarpattia region has joined the project.

Greening of the Planet: Almost the whole Zakarpattia region has joined the project.

The best thing we can do for people is to take care of them and support them as they grow. The best thing we can do for an idea is to implement it and continue to scale it later. One such idea is ​​”Greening of Ukraine” project, which has united all Ukrainians for a single purpose last year – to enrich our country through joint efforts and plant one million trees in one day.

The action “Greening the planet” was held on a large scale in the Zakarpattia region. Every part of the region was involved in planting trees in forests, communities and educational institutions, which were committed the most. In particular, 352 educational institutions, 37 kindergartens and educational complexes, as well as 13 out-of-school institutions planted more than 3,000 trees: maples, lindens, spruces, pines, walnut trees, beeches, oaks (in forests), hazels, fruit trees and shrubs.

The project coordinator in the Zakarpattia region is Hanna Meleganych, Associate Professor of the Faculty of History and International Relations, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development of Uzhhorod National University, Chairman of the “Megasocium” organization.

We are grateful to the volunteers and patrons, who had managed to purchase 97 fruit trees for 24 family-type orphanages.

The successful outcome of this action is also confirmed by the children’s drawing contest on the “Tree planting” topic, As the organizing committee received more than 2,000 drawings from children in kindergartens and schools in the region. Thus, even if these children did not plant any trees, they had the opportunity to reflect upon the essence and purposes of this project.

25 condominiums of Uzhhorod city have taken part and planted almost 400 trees in their neighborhoods,while volunteers haveplanted the longest stripe of limes in Europe along the coast of Uzh River.

The Keretsk community of Khust district has decided to restore the tourist location and start a green zone at the geographical center of Zakarpattia region.

People have planted numerous trees at Shevchenkivska alley in the Nizhne Solotvyno village of Uzhhorod city district, which has reunited many artists of Zakarpattia region.

The organizing committee of Zakarpattia region consisted entirely of women, who had significant experience in the public sector within their areas of competence. Every large-scale project brings together the participants, but it can also separate them. If we talk about the main team “Greening of Zakarpattia region “, it has achieved an additional and important outcome – a new women’s initiative “Our move” was established. The society always had numerous demands, that were frequently falling upon the women. In order to find an answer: who is responsible for the activities, the answer will be pretty simple. “Our move” is a union of girls and women of different ages who understand exactly that unity is the strength, especially if it is based on common values.

Anna Sabadosh, responsible for cooperation with partners in the regional organizing committee, said the following: “I support the greening movement, because I understand how exhausted our planet is: both globally and within the country. We want to draw people’s attention to the environmental situation of air pollution, deforestation, floods and landslides, and would like show how coming together for a common purpose can create a joint success story in the country and a positive international image. After all, the Greening of the Planet project is not just about planting trees and not taking care it, it is about maintaining the plantations, joint actions and support. People should set good examples, debunk the stereotype that everything about our country is bad and life will never change for the better, especially in the field of ecology and nature conservation. They say that in order to achieve grand scopes, you have to move gradually, in our case we are vigorously moving towards the positive changes together! ”

Svitlana Samoilyuk, coordinator of the action in Mukachevo said: “We always leave a trace on the Earth and it only depends on us, how it will look like. Our planet has always worried about us. Now is the time for us to take care of it, to cherish it and appreciate it. This is exactly what the citizens of Mukachevo did by actively joining the international project Greening of the Planet. “

We always rely on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular on article №17 – Partnership for Sustainable Development, and it is not the first time we are convinced of the importance of its observance in each sphere of life.

The project partners in the Zakarpattia region are: Zakarpattia Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting, Women’s Initiative “Our move”, Travel Agency “Muse Travel”, National University of Uzhhorod city, “Holland Plant” LLC, “Traxler Development” Construction Company, Andrew Pivnya Charitable Foundation, “AVE” LLC, “Be Happy” Company, “Solar Energy” Company, “BOARD” Business Club, “Kraina” label, “Zeleny Varosh
 organization, MIMID organization, Uzhhorod Youth Council, Kolping Case organization, PADIYUN , Enigma Psychological Service, “Povna Banka” Company, “Happy Childhood” Charitable Foundation, “Life Bud” enterprise, Aqua City PE, enterprise, “Comfort” Company, “Perspective” enterprise, “Cinderella Cleaning” Company, Network pharmacies “DS”, “German Youth of Zakarpattia region ” organization, Charitable Foundation “Circulation of Good”.

The organizer of the project “Greening of the Planet” is the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Greening of Ukraine”, founded by Serhii Haidaichuk – President of the largest business club, which brings together Ukrainian business leaders “CEO Club Ukraine” and Hanna Krysiuk – President of the International Women’s Business Club “Business Woman Club”. With the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine.