Greening of the planet is supported byUkrainians from Turkey

Greening of the planet is supported byUkrainians from Turkey

Vita Mykhailova, the leader of the “Greening the Planet” project in Turkey and the head of the public organization “Ukrainian Family” express their gratitude to the coordinators, partners and volunteers for the assistance provided and active participation! “We have managed to plant trees in five cities in Turkey (Antalya, Samsun, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir), in Antalya there were two locations: in the Park of Ukrainian Culture and in the Döşemealtı district.”

During one of the events, Andriy Sibiga, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Turkey, said: “This is a symbolic“ rooting ”of Ukrainians on the Turkish soil. Thanks to your activities and such events, more and more Ukrainians visit Turkey! The civil activity of Ukrainians abroad has affects the positive image of our state and makes the ties between the states even stronger. “

Consul of Ukraine in Antalya, Emir Rustamov, said : “We plant trees along with the Ukrainian diaspora in Antalya – we are engaged in greening of the planet – and we encourage everyone to join us!”

“We are pleased to respond to your invitation and we are glad to join this action,” said the mayor of Bakirkoy district in Istanbul, Mr. Bulent Kerimoglu.

On March 8, 2021, the Consulate of Ukraine in Antalya, represented by Consul Emir Rustamov, the Black Sea Association of Ukrainians of Samsun (Karadeniz Ukraynalılar Derneği), the Association of Ukrainians of Izmir and the folk choir joined the planting event, as well as “Berehynia” (Ukrainian Saturday school), “Ukrainian family” organization,“Namysto” band of Alanya. The project also received support from the Antalya Forestry Administration, headed by Mr. Vedat Dikici. 100 red pine seedlings were planted. Several trees were also planted in the Park of Ukrainian Culture of the city of Antalya, during the event dedicated to the 207th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko, as part of the “Greening the planet” project in honor of this memorable day. The saplings were provided by the Mayor of the Muratpaşa District of Antalya to Mr. Ümit Uysal

The city of Samsun joined the project on March 20, 2021. The event was supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey, by Consul Andriy Bilyk, “Black Sea Association of Ukrainians” organization in Samsun (Karadeniz Ukraynalılar Derneği), led by the head of the community, Lyudmila Shymko. The participants were grateful to receive the trees from Samsun Forestry Department and Mr. Mendres Özkolay, they also appreciate the support, provided by the Mayor of the Atakum District (T.C. Atakum Belediyesi,) Mr. Cemil Deveci.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey joined the global environmental project in Ankara on April 6, 2021. The action took place in the park on Ukrainska Street. Participants: Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Andriy Sibiga and his wife Tatiana Sibiga, Embassy staff, representatives of the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar communities, Head of the Foreign Affaires Directorate of the Cankaya City Hall, Ali Haydar Sonbay, the Ukrainians and the Turks. A total of 7 trees and 3 bushes were planted. From now on, the park will be decorated with trees that have a symbolic meaning for the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar peoples – viburnum, willow, oak, lilac, chestnut tree, spruce, juniper.

The employees of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul, led by Consul General, Oleksandr Haman, and Mr. Bülent Kerimoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul’s Bakirköy District, joined the planting as part of the project. 3 trees were planted in the park of the Bakirky district – linden, sycamore and Judas tree. During the conversation, Alexander Haman and Bulent Kerimoglu noted the importance of such projects for the preservation of planet’s ecology. “We are pleased to respond to your invitation and we are glad join this action,” said Mayor Bakirkyoya.

The Association of Ukrainians of Izmir joined the action On April 9, 2021. The community commended Mr. Uğur Semih Akdemir, an honorary member of the association for coordination, management, and transportation, and Mr. Mehmet Chapraz, Head of the Gaziemir Forestry District, for the provided seedlings, staff, and tour of the fire watchtower.

On April 12, 2021, we had the opportunity to plant a forest in Antalya! Dozens of saplings were planted with the support of the head of the Antalya forestry department, Mr. Vedat Dikici, with the participation of the Ukrainian consul in Antalya, Mr. Emir Rustamov, the head of the Ukrainian Family organization, Vita Mykhailova, and concerned Ukrainians. Forestry workers prepared the site, soil and equipment in advance, while the participants planted trees themselves. There were even families with children. The kids worked hard. They helped us to water the seedlings and to pour the soil. During the action, the head of the “Ukrainian Family” association, Vita Mykhailova, commended Mr. Vedat Dikiji and Mr. Emir Rustamov for their participation in the implementation of the “Greening the Planet” project in Turkey. Vedat Dikiji reported that a total of 1,600 seedlings were planted on the site, including 1,200 pistachio pines, 300 carob trees and 100 laurels. The community planted 150 trees.

On April 15, 2021, the community gathered in the Park of Ukrainian Culture in Antalya and planted 5 more trees: oak, Crimean cypress, willow, viburnum, lilac as symbols of the native land. The event was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Andriy Sibiga and his wife, Tatiana Sibiga, Consul of Ukraine in Antalya Emir Rustamov, Consular Agent Serhiy Kayan, Head of the Ukrainian Family Community, Vita Mykhailova, Chairman of the «Mediterranean Association of Ukrainians», Natalia Karadja, Head of the «Ukrainian Society Culture and Arts» organization and “Berehynia ” choir, Olesya Merdzhan, Ukrainian athletes who were at a city’s training camp, led by Valery Lebedyuk, and concerned Ukrainians. The action commenced with the performance of the Ukrainian anthem, launched via QR code, embroidered by Tetyana Protcheva (head of the “Glow art” workshop). The ambassador noted that this is a symbolic “rooting” of Ukrainians on Turkish soil, after the opening of the Park of Ukrainian Culture and the establishment of the first and only bas-relief in Turkey of Taras Shevchenko. The community commended the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey and the Ambassador, Andriy Sibiza for his permission to plant trees in the Muratpash district of Antalya, as well as Mr. Ümit Uysal, for the provision seedlings, raised on the Ukrainian soil. During the meeting, Vita Mikhailova, expressed her gratitude to Andriy Ivanovich Sibiza for participation in the project “Greening the Planet” and  awarded him the Order of International Cooperation.