Kirovograd region is a part of the “Greening of he planet”

Kirovograd region is a part of the “Greening of he planet”

Planting a tree means making a gift to the planet, providing people with oxygen. It is also a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Every year, planted trees will not only be a pleasure to the eyes, but will also serve as air purifiers! Local authorities and politicians and ordinary citizens have joined the “Greening of the Planet” project. The action was held through individual and joint plantings in different parts of Kirovograd region.

This year, representatives of the Kirovograd Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting joined the action “Greening of the Planet” of the project “Greening of Ukraine”, sharing a single purpose – preservation of the environment and improvement of communities within the action of the State Forest Agency “Creating forests together”.

Greening of Kirovograd region was carried out both on the territory of Kropyvnytskyi, Oleksandriya, Dolynska, villages and settlements of territorial communities of the region, as well as on the territory of forestries (“Golovanivsky forestry”, “Dolynsky forestry”, “Kompaniivsky forestry”, “Oleksandrivsky “, ” Onikiyivsky Forestry “, ” Onufriyivsky Forestry “, ” Svitlovodsky Forestry “, ” Chornolisky Forestry “). A total of 34.4 thousand oaks and other 384 trees were planted.

Representatives of local self-government bodies, communal enterprises, various territorial communities, public organizations and ordinary citizens took part in the action throughout the Kirovograd region, which covers four districts: Novoukrainsky, Kropyvnytskyi, Oleksandriyskyi, Golovanivskyi. There were also numerous young participants.

For the second year in a row, Kirovograd Region is participating in the Greening of Ukraine project, which gives inspiration, positive emotions and unites all stakeholders in the joint 2021 Greening of the Planet campaign. The global initiative, which covered almost 100 countries aimed at ordinary participants, partners, countries, will continue in the future. More and more people are uniting around global issues – preserving the environment, cleaning the air, reducing CO2 emissions. We express our gratitude to the organizers, all partners and all participants of the action. Save the environment every day! ” – said the project co-organizer Tetyana Kotenko.

Thus, employees of the Dolyna City Council and public utilities planted Canadian spruce, blue spruce, almond, Judas tree and sakura saplings in the Druzhba City Park.

This year, Druzhba Park will shine with new colors and will grace the Dolyna community. 8 volunteers of the Dolyna territorial community took part in planting.

Greening of the community was also carried out in the rural areas of Novohryhorivka Persha, Oleksandrivka, Malovodyany, Pershotravnevo, Marfivka, Katerynivka, where the planted trees were: Scots pine, linden, birch.

The park of Alexandria city was also decorated with thuja trees thanks to the local activists.

Employees of the Sokoliv Central Rural House of Culture have also joined the action “Greening of the Planet” within the Sokoliv community, there was an initiative, held by the Youth Council with the support of the Sokoliv Village Council.

Trees and saplings were planted on the territory of educational institutions (Robert Elworthy Institute of Economics, Central Ukrainian National Technical University) at the initiative of the relevant departments thanks to the applicants as part of the “Greening of  the Planet” campaign.

An incredible wave of positive emotions, memories and inspiration was observed by the participants of the action “Greening of the Planet” in the framework of the “Greening of Ukraine” project.

Co-organizer Oksana Starodubtsova said: “This day was full of positive emotions, because of the people who took part in the action” Greening of Ukraine “have not only done a good deed, by planting trees, but also united people in a common cause – to help our mother – nature. I was a pleasure to see the happy faces of adults and children who are on their way to learn how to take care of the nature. Thank you, I hope that such events will become a tradition in our region. “

One of the volunteers, Kristina Migul, said: “Planting trees made a positive impression of the action of the “Greening of the Planet” project, since we are doing a good deed for the nature, which gives us its vitally needed resources. The event was well organized and beneficial for its participants, I was taking part along with my little daughter, who is now delighted and says proudly that there are trees on this planet.

“For the second year in a row, our forests are participating in the project” Greening of Ukraine “. By joint efforts of the authorities and the public, in particular in cooperation with the regional coordinator of the project “Greening of Ukraine” Tatiana Kotenko, Kirovograd region takes part in the action “Greening of the planet”. Natalia Revenko, stressed that the action is of great importance for the Kirovograd region, as it fosters the respect of the forests, who preserve and increase the amount of greenery in our region. All forestries of the regional department of forestry and hunting and the forest center “Veseli Bokovenky” also actively joined the action, conducted by the State Forestry “Creating forests together”, – says Natalia Revenko, head of the Kirovograd regional department of forestry and hunting.

Vitaliy Pastrushenko, Head of the Novoukrainsk District State Administration said: “Every time you take part in this process, you are convinced that planting trees is not only a necessity, but it is also a great pleasure. A good mood, coordinated work, positive thoughts and sunny weather guarantee that the trees will fit in. I am grateful to whole my team for the fruitful work in the implementation of the environmental project “Greening the Planet”. The future of our land is in our hands, so let’s lower them in order to plant another seedling! ”

The organizer of the project “Greening of the Planet” is the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Greening of Ukraine”, founded by Serhii Haidaichuk – President of the largest business club, which brings together Ukrainian business leaders “CEO Club Ukraine” and Hanna Krysiuk – President of the International Women’s Business Club “Business Woman Club”. With the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine.