More than 283 thousand trees have been planted in one day in Vinnytsia region

More than 283 thousand trees have been planted in one day in Vinnytsia region

Vinnytsia region has joined the international environmental action “1 million trees in one day in 100 countries.” It was held as part of the “Greening of the Planet” project. About 260,000 trees have been planted On April 10 by the local community, which has exceeded our expectations by more than 50,000.

Organizer in the region: Anna Davydenko, director of the Vinnytsia Institute of the “Ukraina” university.

Coordinator: Olga Malinovska, Deputy Director of “Eco-Service” company said:

During the day, we had been receiving information about extensive landscaping in the region. The website of the regional department of forestry and hunting reported on how the action is taking place in the districts. The organizer of the action, Hanna Davydenko told us how to plant trees in Vinnytsia via Facebook.

Foresters of the region planted 203 thousand trees on April 10, Saturday, covering ​​46.3 hectares, located in 28 areas to commemorate the doctors Chernobyl victims. Another 30,000 hectares of trees have appeared in the villages, towns and cities of the region. This is the result of the action “Greening of the country: one million trees in one day.” |The participants were: the officials, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and foreign students.

According to Hanna Davydenko, saplings were planted in Kalicha Square in honor of doctors from Vinnytsia who are currently rescuing people from Covid-19. Also, the memorial plate have been installed. The liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, together with Natalia Kvyat, created an alley in memory of those who saved the world from the biggest global catastrophe 35 years ago.

In the Old Town, guardsmen from the military unit 3008 of the National Guard of Ukraine together with the Vinnytsia Cossack regiment named after Ivan Bohun and the staff of the Vinnytsia Institute of the University “Ukraina” planted 30 pines for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.

Trees were planted by teachers and students of the National Technical University, kindergarten staff and parishioners of the Tyazhyliv district church, KNESS company, Podolsk Zoo, “Griboyedova 3” housing cooperative, secondary schools №16 and №25, other groups.

Greeningo f our region is being conducted the second time in a row as part of the largest environmental project, supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, the State Agency of Forest Resources and the charitable foundation” Greening of Ukraine “. “Someday I will come and see how my tree grows”. Anna Lazurenko, a spokeswoman, told us about how her military unit was working. According to her, they were working in the park on the outskirts of the city. “First we had to remove the old leaves, clear the area of ​​fallen branches. It took us almost an hour. We worked with volunteers. Then they took up the shovels.”

 “This action is important not only for the environment. It is significant as an example of a joint history of success. For the second year in a row, we have managed to unite people around the wonderful idea of ​​planting trees by local communities and local authorities. Residents of the region, educational institutions and socially responsible businesses are actively involved, ” said Hanna Davydenko.

In Vinnytsia region, trees and saplings were planted in 528 locations: in 51 territorial communities and in the region’s forests.

“We draw people’s attention not only to the tree planting, but also to the recycling of garbage. For the second year in a row, the project “Turn garbage into trees” is underway in Vinnytsia region. People sort their wastes, hand it over “Eco-Service” recycling company, thus we proceed to buy seedlings” – said Olga Malinovskaya.

The planting was supported by numerous schools, universities, rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities, the National Guard, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, charitable foundations, associations, foresters, including school forestry, politicians, business representatives – IT companies, McDonald’s. A total of 6,471 volunteers have planted 283,000 trees. The planted species included: ginkgo biloba, sakura, thuja, oaks, lindens, birches, maples, pines, spruces, lilacs, chestnut trees, maples, American maples, ashes, fir, larch, dwarf pines, various fruit trees – apricots, cherries, apple, pear, plum, quince, mulberry, hibiscus, hornbeam, elm, hawthorn, sycamore, willow, viburnum, plane trees, acacia, rowan, paulownia, catalpa.

Regional partners: Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Vinnytsia Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting, “Vinnytsiazelenbud” trade union confederation, “Social Perspective” organization, “Eco-Service” company, “AL ISRA” organization, groups of companies KNESS, Vinnytsia Institute of the “Ukraina” University.

The organizer of the project “Greening of the Planet” is the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Greening of Ukraine”, founded by Serhii Haidaichuk – President of the largest business club, which brings together Ukrainian business leaders “CEO Club Ukraine” and Hanna Krysiuk – President of the International Women’s Business Club “Business Woman Club”. With the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine.